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Miami Beach Florida


Some 200 miles (323 Kilometres) from Walt Disney World theme parks in Orlando Fl you will find Miami's golden sand beach. In fact miles of it and its completely different style of entertainment Welcoming You to Miami Tours .


Miami Florida Coastline.


One of the biggest attractions in Florida, spanning 7 miles along the coast it is a must visit on your trip. Starting a the southern tip of Miami Beach you will find South Pointe Park nice and quiet. This links onto Miami Beach Marina which houses plenty of impressive yachts. From the South working North, one interesting sight is the Jewish Museum on Washington Avenue. If you continue on up Washington Avenue you will eventually come to The Wolfsonian FIU. It is a museum founed by the son of the first Jewish Mayor of Miami with a taste for more modern late 19th to early 20th Century items. Ranging from books, posters, paintings you name it, art deco is a major theme in Miami and you won't have to go far without noticing the buidlings and design is totally unique. The beach itself is very popular with local people, tourists and you may well come across TV crews and photo shoots at times depending on the weather.



Ocean Drive.

World famous for its stunning views and warm ocean breeze, it is the perfect setting if you like taking in the sights and strolling along the coast line. Alternatively, if you do hire a car a perfect place to put it to use. It leads all the way up to Collins Avenue at the junction of Washington Avenue at the heart of the Art Deco centre so if you are an art fan, you'll be pleased. You can get guided tours of this District in addition there is also the Bass Museum of Art which holds a number of European works of art and private collections definitely worth a visit.


Lincoln Road Mall.


A major shopping complex located at 16th Street with everyone from clothing, jewellery it is fairly exclusive and fashionable. The whole area is pedestrianised so it is a pleasant walk and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from so you can watch the world go by. There are also theatres nearby, the Colony Theater and Lincoln Cinema. The South Florida Arts Center is also nearby and houses many pieces from contemporary artists.


Miami Night-life.


On South Beach you will find it very active at night, Cuban music, swanky nightclubs, cocktail bars you name it there is plenty to keep you busy for Miami night life. Some venues are fairly 'A List' and only take major celebrities, so don't be dissapointed! If you like fish, then check out the Zafiro bar on Washington Avenue, they have a huge 2000 gallon aquarium with many exotic species all of which is beneath the dance floor. Miami Beach Fl area and Miami Nightlife Services and attractions are worthwhile activities helping you gain a quick insight to life Miami style.




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The Bayshore Golf Course is not far away and is located just off Dade Boulevard. Its a fairly reasonable course, however, Walt Disney World golf is on site.



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